About Julie Alailima and The Refined Palette

The youngest child of a railway machinist and an Irish nurse, Julie led a (mostly) practical Catholic school upbringing, followed by several years of office management and bookkeeping jobs. Longing for something to divert her attention away from her cubicle, Julie enrolled in community college and then on to state university. All while remaining fully employed, she found college coursework to be the escape that she needed. Majoring in Fine Arts, she became immersed in the painting studio to perfect her newfound passion. This was the line in the sand that unleashed a new vigor, purpose and mission found evident in her first series Conrail Quality.

Shortly after graduating from Bridgewater University, Julie married and began raising her two children. Now that her children are of school age and old enough to cheer her on, she realized that now is the time to continue the trajectory toward a professional art career. With the support of her family, Julie is able own "Fine Artist" as her job.

Her studio is located in Charlestown, MA at The Stove Factory Studios.

In addition to painting, Julie believes art is a multi sensory experience. She not only delights in all the culinary abundance Cambridge has to offer, but prefers to shower her family and friends from the abundance of her own home. Please check out Julie's Instagram account, The Refined Palette, to see how she moves from her studio into her kitchen.

Feeding the senses is a full-time job.